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NESCBWI 2017 Golden Advice from Yolen and Lyga Meets Golden Psychological Advice by Bandura

NESCBWI conference was THE experience of this past weekend!
The two great lessons I learned are fully backed up by psychology.
Jane Yolen talked about the importance of persevering and not giving up, providing her personal example of having 113 rejections before getting her first publication, and Barry Lyga stressed the significance of taking risks and choosing the hard tasks in order to achieve more and have a better life.

Well, I couldn’t agree more! Albert Bandura in one of his seminal papers on self-efficacy efficacy (the person’s belief about their capabilities to produce effects or results) discusses how people with a low sense of efficacy on what they have chosen to do shy away from hard tasks because they perceive them as personal threats. Their aspirations are low and their commitment to their chosen goals is weak. They focus on their weakness and inability to produce instead of concentrating on how to perform successfully (
And that doesn’t exclude writers! Persevering and taking risks lead to success!
Off to work on my manuscript!

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