How to Be Successful in Anything you Do


How to Be Successful in Anything you Do

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So you want to be successful! That’s great. But maybe you are not sure. What should you be successful in? And how? The more you start wondering and questioning, the less action you take. And not taking action is equivalent to non-success. Not failure, necessarily, but if you don’t act, you don’t get results. As simple as that. But the more you remain in the thinking and pondering state, the more anxious you get about succeeding. When anxious, self-doubt settles in, which leads to more inertia. So how do you break this vicious circle? Simple! Remember the acronym SUCCESSFUL and concentrate on small steps, one at a time. By changing your frame of mind and gradually taking these easy steps the following acronym reminds you to, you can achieve your goals.

S- Set goals. What do you want to achieve? What are your interests? What makes your heart sing? Start here. Then set the small steps that lead to your goal.

U — Understand that the path to success has obstacles along it. Sometimes the obstacles are other people’s opinion, their unsolicited advice, their mean comments, and your fear of what they will think of you. Don’t get distracted! Prepare accordingly.

C- Create a strong and detailed image of your goal. Create a vision board as a daily reminder. Cut out pictures from magazines, collect beautiful photos, your own drawings, anything visual. On your board, write empowering words and stick these pictures that remind you of and help you focus on your goal.

C- Commit to performing small actions daily. Do what needs to be done, don’t be afraid of the work. Remember that you take this one day at a time, but each day you have to do something. Even if it’s small. Even if you think it doesn’t count. Keep in mind that small things add up and make something bigger!

E- Engage in the task at hand without fear. Never, ever, doubt your inner strength! If you need to learn a new skill, go for it! If you need to make changes or revisions along the way, that’s fine. Don’t be afraid and don’t let limiting beliefs get in your way.

S- Self-determination and Self-actualization are two powerful tools to overcome self-doubt. That’s the power of self! If you are determined to do something dive right into it! You need to move into action, no one will do it for you.

S- Smile along the way. There are going to be fun and easy days as you work toward your goal, but there are going to be harder and tedious days too. Remember to smile and keep a positive attitude.

F- Focus on what’s important. Don’t let small things distract you. Don’t dwell on details while ignoring the important parts. Do the hard stuff first.

U- Use all resources and opportunities. Reach out and see what resources are available- grab them. What about opportunities? Look around you, they don’t come knocking on your door, but they are there.

L- Learn from mistakes. Making a mistake is not the end of the world. Learn from the experience. If you fall, get up, and learn. Repeat as necessary. Keep going.



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