The Best Advice You Can Give Your Children

The Best Advice You Can Give Your Children

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Try without being afraid. Try new things that will be good for you, will help you become a better person, give you experience, perspective or hone your abilities. Don’t be afraid. Don’t block yourself by wondering “what if I fail?” or any other “what if?” question. You can count as success the fact that you tried, because in the process you learn a lot that you can use later.

Don’t stop yourself with negative thoughts: “This is too hard, I can’t do it,” “I will fail,” and the like are only some negative things even a young child tells themselves when they encounter situations out of their comfort zone. When we make negative predictions, when we decide beforehand that we are going to lose or that we are not good enough to do well, chances are that, indeed, we are not going to do well. The reason why? Starting off with negative predictions, we practically tell our brain that this is our reality; thus, we don’t put forth our best effort.

Find happiness inside. Please don’t say ‘it’s hard’. I know, it’s not easy, it takes practice. In my office, I see so many kids with low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, young people who experiment with substances trying to find happiness somewhere else… Find your personal balance, starting with loving and accepting yourself. Learn to find meaning in the small pleasures of life. If you practice kindness, if you feel grateful for all there is in your life, then you create a fountain of happiness inside you.

Learn how to handle pressure. Life doesn’t come the way we hope, we design or dream it. It comes in handy when you can take some pressure without breaking down. Accept the fact that there are going to be rough moments; try to navigate them instead of fighting them or saying ‘this can’t be happening to me’. It can. And you have the option to figure out how to deal with it.

Don’t be afraid of change. Life is all about change. Sometimes we forget that, and we think that it would be fine to continue living within our comfort zone, in a familiar environment. In real life, there are many changes, expected or unexpected. Some we can control, some others not. The important thing is to embrace change, to adapt, learn to control how we react to change and to keep going with a smile.

Remember that personal effort and experience are the best teachers. You need to invest your time and effort personally to find your path in life and to create something meaningful that will last.

Remember that money isn’t everything. Remember, money easy comes, easy goes and you can be successful without money, or you may have money but not be successful. Research is clear on one thing: money doesn’t buy happiness. Learn to manage your financial situation, don’t squander, don’t be spendthrift, strike a nice balance between saving and investing in good experiences. Remember to put a little something on the side, for difficult times.

Learn how to handle stress. Stress is the body’s natural way of responding to real or perceived threats. Stress can be real (as in ‘I got fired and I don’t have money’) or imagined (‘I am afraid I am going to be fired’). Either way, it feels real to the brain and the cascade of the stress hormones starts its detrimental course. Excessive and prolonged stress is not good either for your mind, body, or soul. Stress lowers the quality of your life. Learn a stress management technique and incorporate it in your daily routine.

Practice the muscle of compassion. You need to start with self-compassion first; accept your self, embrace your weaknesses and invest in becoming better and better. Talk nicely to yourself, the way you would to a good friend. Don’t make yourself suffer. Cultivate compassion, understanding, and acceptance of others. Try to include those you don’t like, you don’t understand their point of view, or you feel they give you a tough time.

Learn to love knowledge and make a habit of always learning something new. The more you learn, the better you become as a person. It doesn’t have big or impressive learning; little things will do. Picking up new things cultivates optimism and happiness and helps you stay young inside.

Learn to appreciate healthy food. It’s not easy in the beginning! You need to train yourself, and that takes time. But as you do, you will notice that your mood improves, your level of energy will rise, and the quality of your life will be better too.

Learn to have daily physical activity. Sitting on the couch or the office chair is the new smoking! Incorporate movement into your life: walking, running, cycling, going to the gym, doing a sport, or engaging in yoga, pilates, or dance are some ways to add movement. This has a tremendous impact on your head- in your body, brain, mind, and overall health. Adding exercise to your life, you add years

Surround yourself with positive people. Avoid negative people! If there are people in your life who emotionally drain you, stay away from them. Don’t let them influence you. People who sap your energy, who envy you or those who don’t have anything positive to offer need not be in your life. Remember to be a positive person and trusted friend.

Learn to enjoy the present. Be mindful and pay attention to what’s going on right this moment, what’s the quality of your life, and live. Enjoy the good moments, feel grateful for all the positive, even though you think that things need to improve. Learn to value the small stuff and feel happy. That’s what counts!

Let love be your guide in life. Learn to love yourself, your friends and your neighbors. Learn to love nature, the animals, the plants, the environment. Show interest in what’s going on around you, to the people around you and don’t focus exclusively on yourself. Offer love and accept the love others give you.


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