10 Reasons to Celebrate Thanksgiving only a Mom Can Understand

10 Reasons to Celebrate Thanksgiving only a Mom Can Understand

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Sleep-deprived? Tired? Over-worked? Emotionally drained? Frustrated? And on top of that you need to figure out a Thanksgiving menu, host the dinner AND feeling thankful?

WAIT! Thanksgiving is about feeling grateful and giving thanks for the abundance that there is in our lives. Maybe you think there’s not much to be grateful for… Maybe you are in such a state that nothing looks bright… Maybe… But maybe you didn’t have a chance to count your blessings and be thankful for your life the way it is right now, with its ups and downs, with its highs and lows, with its easy and difficult moments, because life is all about that: change and flow.

Be your Best Thankful Self this Thanksgiving and…..

Count your blessings

You have your children. One, two, four or more, you have your children. And that’s a huge blessing. Because there are all these nice people out there who want to have children and for different reasons they can’t.

They are ALIVE and probably in good health or stable condition. We usually take this for granted. I was reminded last week by a new patient of mine, who told me “I have two kids, one here with us, the other no longer living.”

You have your good moments with your kids. Smiles. Cuddles. Pictures with the dedication “to the best mom”, giggling, laughing, singing, holding hands, sharing.

Maybe you have more good moments than you realize. We tend to get lost in the frustration, in the bad moments, in the difficulties, and then we lose count of all the little bursts of happiness in our day as moms.

You have somebody call you “mommy” or “mom” or even “ma” in a voice full of affection and in a manner full of trust.

Spending you holiday -and every day- with people you love, and they love you back. Your kids and family.

Appreciating the strengths, you didn’t know you had inside you before becoming a mom.

Every good day with your children is a gift that will not come back.

Raising and celebrating the child you have, not the child you imagined you would have.

The joy of motherhood, no matter what else maybe going on in your life, you chose to be a mom and you are blessed with kids.

Dr. Liza

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