The Amazing You Series By Dr. Liza

Unshackle your self from all that keeps you back and become the Amazing You you deserve to be.

Each book focuses on specific aspects of self-help and personal development, with practical, easy to apply tips, techniques and advice.

Dr. Liza

Hi! I’m Dr. Liza Varvogli, a psychologist, psychotherapist, mother of four, and author of the best-selling parenting book series “Amazing Mom.”

While completing my post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School and at the same time working as a psychoeducational specialist, I was giving parents the back-then state-of-the-art advice: reward good behavior, punish bad ones, and ignore minor nuisances, and everything will be alright.

But did it?

I realized this wasn’t enough.

Parents came back and reported they were still stressed out. Children’s behavior didn’t show any permanent improvement. The family wasn’t livelier or happier.

There was a missing link in the prescribed approach.

As I delved into the latest scientific findings, started my own family, and moved back and forth from Boston to Europe, I realized that the old recipe was actually missing two critical ingredients- self-care and connection.

So I concocted a new parenting recipe based on scientific findings across the board, including stress management, positive psychology, mindfulness, trauma therapy, etc., and a strong and meaningful connection between mom and child.

Adding a dash of my personal experience and that of the thousands of families I have worked with, here’s my down-to-earth, practical parenting manual. You can be the amazing mom you deserve to be for yourself and your kid.

My promise to you is practical and effective tips for more inner peace, more connection, more happiness, and less behavioral problems!